Thoracic Bridge – The Sitting Cure

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Most of us of our jobs revolve around an office chair, a keyboard and a water cooler. Sitting is slowly becoming known as the smoking of our generation and our civilized desk jobs may actually lower our life expectancy. If you spend any significant amount of time in a desk chair you likely have:

1) A decrease in thoracic spine mobility.

2) Are lacking hip extension

3) Compromised shoulder mobility due to the internally rotated nature of your work.

4) A lack of scapular stability due to never having to utilize the proper motor patterns.

5) Flat butt syndrome and sleeping glute muscles.

Sounds terrible right? The good news is that there is a solution.

Enter the Thoracic Bridge.

I learned this exercise from Max Shank who is an amazing mover in his own right. Max told 40 participants to do this drill for 30 seconds and he saw incredible results.

1) 94% of the group improved their base level shoulder stability.

2) 100% of the group showed an improvement in hip mobility via the toe touch.

So let us ask you, do you have 30sec to spare a few times a day to improve your overall movement and quality of life? If you do give this a try or come and see us here at Stone City Strength & Wellness Ltd.

Happy Training.

Coach T.

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