Hacks Are For Hacks

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We live in a society that is always looking for the next quick fix or one shot solution to sorting out any issues we encounter on the roller coaster of life. When we are sad there is a book that’s supposed to give us the solution, when we have a disagreement with our partner there is a podcast to solve it, if we feel lethargic there is a superfood we can add to our diet to cure us. The thing that we all fail to realize is that these struggles are what life is ACTUALLY about. Life is not to be hacked but rather enjoyed, endured and explored. We must take it at face value and put our hard hats and work boots on if we want to change our outcome.


The gym and wellness space is no different. The pursuit of strength, fitness and health has become a breeding ground for a multi billion dollar industry of easy “hacks”, “quick fixes” and “3 payments of 19.99” solutions, none of which have revolutionized how human beings actually achieve their goals. The things we are most proud of in life were the result of a struggle or effort we endured and have now surpassed. Whether it be raising our kids, buying our first home, getting a degree or losing weight, there is no escaping the age old method of consistent effort applied over an extended period of time. Sure you might be able to speed up the process temporarily with a magical supplement or a 30-day challenge but are these hacks sustainable and do they teach you the skills necessary to sustain your goals over your ENTIRE life? If these hacks were worthwhile why do new ones keep being sold and old ones keep fading into history.


The best things in life take work, they require tinkering and they require consistency. Through this process we learn about ourselves, our passions and our skills. Through this process we build self confidence and we become better,more humble and empathetic humans. This is what experiencing LIFE really means.


Be honest with yourself when you are setting goals for your health and fitness. If your first inclination is to gravitate towards a hack or a quick fix in order to avoid the struggle perhaps you have not yet found a strong enough reason to pursue your goals. When your “why”  is strong enough and consumes your entire being,  the the pursuit of your goals becomes second nature and nothing will stand in your way. The struggle becomes part of the journey and creates the memories and experiences necessary to keep you on your path for the rest of your life.


Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The first draft of anything is always shit” and this couldn’t be more true. The true test of a person is if they are willing to accept the edits and write the second draft.


Tomasz Deren.


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