5 Reasons Young Athletes Need to Strength Train

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This morning I was questioned by someone outside of them gym on the merits of training pre-adolescent and adolescent athletes and how it could affect their development, particular would it stunt their growth. The reality is that this is not a one off conversation for me as a strength coach but rather a common misconception and myth that has been … Read More

Hack Your Squat (From the Bottom Up)

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Trouble squatting? Try reverse engineering your squat during your warm-up. In our desk bound world being a quad dominant individual is the norm. Even some of the highest level athletes I have trained in my life exhibit a huge quad dominance with a massive inability to properly stabilize the pelvis using the core musculature. As children we learn to squat … Read More

The Importance of Setting Your Baselines

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This week is testing week here at Stone City Strength & Wellness Ltd. Over the course of 5 days all of our members will be doing a large battery of fitness test, ranging from lifting to rowing, in order to see where their current baseline is on the major elements of our programming. For some this may sound like an … Read More

Tips for those who train early in the morning

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Training first thing in the morning is far from an ideal scenario. In a perfect world we would get up, have a few hours to let our spine settle, get a couple of good meals into us, maybe take a nap, get a good warm-up in and then lift. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and our work … Read More

The Aerobic Comeback

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The strength and conditioning world has always been quick to pick up on trends and misinterpret academic literature in order to provide punch lines to the general public. There is no place this is more evident than in the domain of conditioning. The TABATA and HIIT movements have clouded our true understanding of how to develop ALL of the energy … Read More