New Year Reflection

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New Years Reflection Stone City Strength & Wellness has been growing over the last 3 years and we can thank our wonderful members and dedicated coaches for that. We like to believe that we have been able to help many people not only get more fit but also build confidence, conquer pain, challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible … Read More

The Squat – There is no perfect variation

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A lot of times the strength and conditioning community likes to put artificial limits and rules on things that are completely arbitrary and detrimental to the mind set and progress of the average exerciser. The requirement that everyone be able to high bar barbell back squat ass to grass is one of these common themes you will read about and … Read More

Keep it simple, you aren’t joining the circus.

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Between non-competitive and poorly programmed versions of Crossfit, Bootcamps, HIIT DVDs and the Biggest Loser it seems that everyone is preaching constantly varied training that has no structure and seems to be designed more to keep people entertained rather than to progress their skills in the weight room. Disciples of these methodologies preach the shock and awe treatment where your … Read More

The Importance of Setting Your Baselines

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This week is testing week here at Stone City Strength & Wellness Ltd. Over the course of 5 days all of our members will be doing a large battery of fitness test, ranging from lifting to rowing, in order to see where their current baseline is on the major elements of our programming. For some this may sound like an … Read More

What is Strong?

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What does it mean to be strong? Is there such thing as strong enough and not strong enough? Well, the reality is that each persons needs and genetic potential are totally different. What makes a great coach is recognizing these differences and helping you achieve your OWN personal goals. With all of this being said I do think that there … Read More

Consideration for Endurance Athletes

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This morning is the start of a new academic year and I am preparing to teach my first lecture of the semester on resistance training program design at the Royal Military College of Canada. As I sit here reading over my slides one particular point I have decided to showcase sticks out to me as something most people do not … Read More

My Coaching Philosophy

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The other day I was asked what my training philosophy is and I really struggled to come up with an answer that would summarize my beliefs. A lot of how I train athletes and clients is so ingrained that it is hard to put into words. I wont go into my programming philosophy here but in terms of coaching I … Read More

The Aerobic Comeback

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The strength and conditioning world has always been quick to pick up on trends and misinterpret academic literature in order to provide punch lines to the general public. There is no place this is more evident than in the domain of conditioning. The TABATA and HIIT movements have clouded our true understanding of how to develop ALL of the energy … Read More