Stone City Fit: This class is the jack of all trades in our program line-up. Each class will cover all the major component of fitness: strength, power, speed, endurance, agility, coordination, flexibility, mobility and balance in a fun and exciting 60-minute format that will ensure you get the most out of your time in the gym. These classes will be accessible to all skills level as they will be scaled according to each athlete’s current abilities.

Stone City Lunch Rush: Pressed for time and want a killer workout on your lunch break? The Stone City Lunch Rush is designed to be a 45min class targeted at getting the most out of your lunch hour. This class will typically follow the FIT programming with a streamlined approach. Great for beginners and suitable for seasoned exercisers, come sweat it out at Stone City Lunch Rush.

Stone City Primal: Tired of lacking the required range to complete your barbell movements in class? Feeling stiff after a long day of sitting in front of the computer? Want to improve overall body resilience to tackle life’s complex movement demands? Stone City Primal looks to turn back our evolutionary clock and reclaim the primitive motor patterns that are lost in our fast paced industrialized lives. This class will consist of an hour worth of mobility, stretching and basic gymnastic work to get you feeling your absolute best. Whether your goals are to keep up with your kids at the park or to hit a new snatch PR, the Stone City Primal class is a perfect addition to your training arsenal.


Suck It Saturday: Looking for a friendly challenge on a Saturday morning? The Stone City Suck It Saturday class will feature a unique weekly challenge that will help test the skills you are developing in your other classes. These workouts are often done in partners or teams and are designed to get you moving and meeting new people. This is a great opportunity to come out, test your mettle against other gym members and enjoy the social atmosphere only a bit of friendly competition can bring out. Each challenge will be adjusted to your skill level so that anyone can participate and enjoy this unique class experience. Each one-hour class will consist of a thorough warm-up and a 30-45min challenge.

Stone City Open Gym: Missed the day’s workout and want to finish it on your own time? Want to come practise your skills before the next Suck
It Saturday? Or do you simply prefer training at your own speed while still being under the watchful eye of one of our experienced coaches? Stone City Open Gym allows for you to do anything you want in our space while still having a coach present and there to assist you if you run into any trouble. This environment is ideal for getting a bit of extra feedback, coming in for additional mobility work or even allowing you to follow your own individualized training program. The Stone City Open Gym times are the perfect way to round out your training program.


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