Time is precious. Protect it.

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I don’t think anyone reading this would be surprised if I told you that training has an an amazing effect on virtually every aspect of your life. Whether it be sleep, productivity, sex, physical health or mental health, improving your physical fitness will drastically increase your ability to cope with day to day stressors. Knowing all of this, you would … Read More

Thoracic Bridge – The Sitting Cure

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Most of us of our jobs revolve around an office chair, a keyboard and a water cooler. Sitting is slowly becoming known as the smoking of our generation and our civilized desk jobs may actually lower our life expectancy. If you spend any significant amount of time in a desk chair you likely have: 1) A decrease in thoracic spine … Read More

My Coaching Philosophy

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The other day I was asked what my training philosophy is and I really struggled to come up with an answer that would summarize my beliefs. A lot of how I train athletes and clients is so ingrained that it is hard to put into words. I wont go into my programming philosophy here but in terms of coaching I … Read More

The Aerobic Comeback

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The strength and conditioning world has always been quick to pick up on trends and misinterpret academic literature in order to provide punch lines to the general public. There is no place this is more evident than in the domain of conditioning. The TABATA and HIIT movements have clouded our true understanding of how to develop ALL of the energy … Read More