Graham has been working in the fitness industry since 2010 as a Crossfit coach and personal trainer.  He has been a Crossfit Level 1 trainer since 2010 and since become a Crossfit Level 2 trainer/coach. Graham is currently working with the Victoria Order of Nurses where he instructs fitness classes for seniors. He has experience in the Canadian Armed Forces with the 3rd Infantry Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment and then the Mountain Operations Company.

Graham’s training backgound comes from Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting for the past 8 years and endurance training for 50km ruck marches while in the military.

As a student of the sport he has participated in Olympic weightlifting clinics put on by elite weightlifting coach Hanni Kanama.

Graham’s goal is to help people get stronger, move more efficiently and ultimately feel and perform there very best.

CrossFit level 1
CrossFit level 2
CrossFit Kettlebell
NCCP Olympic weightlifting (in training)
YMCA Personal Trainer Certificate